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Valdosta-Lowndes County Parks and Rec Authority

About the Volunteer Background Check!


What is this unknown charge from BIB on my credit card? 

BIB is a background screening company for employment and volunteers. If you have applied for either recently then you may have been subjected to an associated fee.

I have two charges from BIB on my card, why was I charged twice? 

Don’t worry, you were not charged twice. When you give your card information during the application process, a pre-authorization hold is placed on the card when the applicant initially completed the application. Once the organization approves of the application to be screened, that is when you get officially charged once.  The pre-authorization hold though can take 3-8 business days to clear off the account. For anything longer, please contact Client Services and they can look into the matter.

Where is the link to apply to (School/Organization Name) on your website? 

We do not have the direct link to any application on our website. You will need to go through your school/organization and ask for the link from them or on their webpage.

I am trying to fill out the application on my phone. When I click the next button, it does not go anywhere. What should I do? 

Our application is NOT mobile friendly, for now. It is something we are currently looking into, but we suggest a couple of things to make the application process a lot smoother until then. 1) Ensure that you are using a device compatible with the SV application. Handheld devices are not the best devices to use so you want to make sure you are utilizing a computer. 2) Try using the Internet Explorer web browser, as this has proven to be most compatible. 3) If you need to restart the application, be sure to use the keys CTRL+F5 to clear your cache before you do so. This will prevent any submission errors from occurring while redoing the application.

Can you resend my approval email/secure volunteer card?

Yes, we can resend both. Click the Help button at the top right for additional assistance.

I already have a secure volunteer card, but recently got married and had my legal name change. How do I receive a new card with my new legal name? 

When a Secure Volunteer card is issued, it is based on the background screening of the name provided. Because of this, we are unable to change the name on a card. To be issued a new card with your new married name you would have to resubmit to a screening for your School District. It is recommend that you reach out to you school district, explain you have recently been married, and see if they are going to require you to resubmit for a new card. It is at their discretion that they make you submit again or allow the current card to be used.

Help! My secure volunteer card is expiring. How do I renew? 

Within a month of the expiration, we will send you an email with a special link to renew your card. It will be a new background check through the secure volunteer portal as you did last time. You have to pay any associated fees again if it is required by the school for the background check.

Can I add other school locations with my approved secure volunteer card?

In most cases, yes you can add additional locations if you have been approved as a volunteer. Use the Help button for assistance.

Does my school provide the secure volunteer card for its volunteers? 

This varies by school district. Please contact your school volunteer coordinator for additional information.

I completed the application but the school is saying they never received it. I even printed out the signed form and everything. Where is my application? 

That signed form is the Disclosure and Authorization form, which is just saying that we may run a background check on you with the information provided. The application part though comes right after this, which you might not have filled out. Fill out the application again, but do not click the box saying “Print My Signed Document” and just click on the “Continue” button instead. Your computer’s popup blocker, by checking that box,  makes the system think that the application has been filled out, with all the appropriate information just on the form, and does not show that you need to progress further along in the application in order to actually submit it successfully.

What are the sources of the information for the background check?

Information is pulled from various entities including but not limited to law enforcement agencies, criminal courts and other record custodians. All information collected for this background check is public record.

Why do I need to submit my social security number?

A social security number is a unique identifier for each individual; this is necessary to conduct a thorough search and to prevent erroneous information. Background Investigation Bureau follows strict privacy and data security policies regarding safeguarding personal information. Please review our Privacy Statement and Data Security Statement for a detailed summary.

What searches are included in a background check?

The basic searches ordered as part of most background checks include county level criminal record searches and could include traffic, misdemeanor and felony convictions. If your volunteer opportunities include driving students, driving records may be included. All searches performed are initiated based on your consent.

Will you conduct a credit check as part of the background screen?

No, a credit check is not part of the volunteer background screen.

Is the information I submit secure?

Yes, BIB adheres to all federal and state laws regarding data security and privacy. Please review our Privacy Statement and Data Security Statement for a full description of our policies.

How far back in my history does the background screen cover?

The background check will include any reportable records as far back as available.

Will I receive a copy of my background screen?

Applicants who do not receive volunteer approval do receive a copy of their report. Click here to request a copy of your report.

Is there any information that cannot be reported on a background screen?

Yes. Each state has their own statutes governing what information can reported on a background screen. BIB reports only that information deemed reportable by local, state and federal law.

How do I dispute information found on my background screen?

Visit our online dispute resolution center to submit a dispute. Should a discrepancy be found on your report, it will be resubmitted to the school system for review.

About the Application

What information is required for the application form?

You will need to provide your full name, current address, date of birth and social security number. You will also be asked to submit why you would like to volunteer and where you would like to volunteer if applicable. We also ask for your email address so that we may communicate information regarding your background screen.

What is the average turnaround time?

Typical turnaround is seven to 10 business days, which includes the time to conduct the check, review it for approval and deliver your ID card.

What type of violations may preclude me from volunteer approval?

Every organization has a specific set of restrictions and policies. State and city laws also differ. Please refer to your organization's policy. Registered and convicted sex offenders are prohibited from interaction with children. If you have specific questions regarding a violation, please contact your organization.

If I do not receive approval, do I receive a refund?

No, refunds are not issued based on non-approval of volunteer status.

How often will I need to submit to a background screen?

Each organization has specific policies regarding screening frequency. Typically, rescreens may need to occur every one to three years. We require a new screening every 12 months.

What is the cost associated with the background screen?

The cost varies depending on the organization. Some organizations require applicants to pay some or all of the cost associated with background screens. Other organizations may pay the full cost themselves. Information regarding cost will be presented during the application process prior to being charged.

What if I cannot afford the background screen fee?

We advise you to contact your organization regarding assistance.

About BIB

Who is BIB?

Background Investigation Bureau is a nationally recognized full-service screening provider, specializing in innovative background check, verification, validation and drug testing solutions for a variety of industries. Founded in 1995, BIB focuses on the differences that matter in screening: efficient turnaround times, high quality data, affordable pricing and outstanding customer service. BIB is a founding member of NAPBS and a member of AASPA, SHRM, ASA and NACBA.

Contact us:

9710 Northcross Center Court
Huntersville, NC 28078

[email protected]

What is Secure Volunteer?

About Secure Volunteer

Secure Volunteer is a web based platform that provides a turnkey, effective solution for screening volunteers. Secure Volunteer streamlines and manages volunteer background checks, providing organizations reliable and complete information. The Secure Volunteer web-module includes intuitive tools to manage and approve volunteer background screens. This volunteer background screening process also supplies volunteers with visual IDs, providing a more secure and visible solution for tracking volunteers.