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Screening Volunteers: 4 Tips for Success

"Background Screening Volunteers: 4 Tips For Success"
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"Volunteer Arrested" is a regular headline, and if it has happened in your area, you understand how devastating this can be.

Screening volunteers is one way to avoid the wrong people gaining access to your vulnerable populations. But not all screens are the same, and not all programs effectively manage this process.

In this free resource from BIB, we highlight four tips for success including:

  • Creating and Implementing Policies
  • Overcoming Administrative Burdens and Compliance Concerns
  • Why the Quality of the Screen Matters
  • Risk Involved with Using a "National" Database as a Sole Source

Read our e-book now, and discover how to implement or strengthen your program. Want to learn more about how BIB can help you screen? Discover Secure Volunteer.